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Indxx seeks to redefine the global Indexing space. Founded in 2005, we develop and publish custom indices. Our focus on providing our clients with unique, high quality and flexible indices in a timely manner has helped make Indxx one the fastest growing index providers over the last few years.

Backed by a state of the art technology platform and decades of combined index research and development experience, we design our indices to deal with the key investment goals that are important for our clients.

Indxx. Indexing. Redefined

Index Development

Indxx has been developing and licensing indices to clients since 2005. The firm's Index Development division:

  • Creates unique index concepts in-house by identifying key market trends and opportunities.
  • Researches and develops indices for specific clients upon request, including back testing and optimization of both active and passive strategies.
  • Licenses indices to our clients, who include asset managers, banks, hedge funds, corporations and ETP (exchange-traded product) issuers.

Products based on Indxx indices have garnered accolades in the press for their unique composition, design and positioning, and our indices serve as underlyings for numerous financial instruments, including:

  • Exchange Traded Products
  • Passively Managed Index Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Structured Products
  • Other Index-linked Financial Assets

Index Calculation

Indxx's Index Calculation division service offering includes:

  • Independent index back testing.
  • End of day and real time index calculation.
  • Index maintenance and administration, including development of a methodology guidebook for corporate action treatment and rebalancing/reconstitution.
  • Custom-built websites, fact sheets and other supporting index documentation.
  • Public dissemination of index data on exchanges and data vendors such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

With a global presence that ensures indices across markets are handled within their own respective time zones, we serve an entire range of institutional investors and investment managers, including issuers of Exchanged-Traded Products, asset managers, banks, hedge funds, corporations, pension funds, market makers and other clients.


Indxx's Analytics Division helps firms examine their existing funds or strategies in depth, through a combination of analytical, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Indxx's Analytics Division service offering includes:

  • Fund Analytics: Indxx Analytics practice is designed to help fund managers in identifying key problem areas through extensive analytical & quantitative analysis.
  • Portfolio Analytics: Indxx's Portfolio Analytics service provides deep insights into the performance of a portfolio and the impact of investment decisions.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Indxx's portfolio optimization service develops customized, optimized solutions for our clients.


Our research team partners with clients on a long-term basis, from custom research and product analysis to marketing & sales materials, with the sole focus on growing assets.

Highlights of Indxx's research division :

  • Company: With the possession of the necessary tools and information, Indxx's research team provides sound investment decisions as our reports present only essential and informative facts with no projections or ratings.
  • Sector: Indxx seeks to identify and thoroughly analyze investment themes across various sectors globally. Our analysis focuses on key demand and growth drivers within these sectors , key performance metrics, with which to evaluate the operational efficiencies of companies within said sector, and evaluates the collective historical price performance of companies within this sector.
  • Funds: Using our strong research capabilities across sectors, geographies and themes, we provide a comprehensive suite of buy-side research offerings to our clients with the goal of gathering assets and improve fund's performance.

Management Team

PK Sen Sharma

Founder & Managing Partner

PK is the Chairman of Indxx and founded the business in 2005. He establishes the firm's overall corporate strategy and advises on turning that strategic vision into reality.

Raised in India, PK started his career as the co-founder of a leading global fashion brand, Mexx, in the 1970s. The company was based in The Netherlands, where he resided for 15 years. PK was responsible for all finance, operations and distribution functions of Mexx, and established independent operations in other key markets such as Germany, Belgium, France, the UK and Hong Kong. In 1984, Mexx decided to expand its business to North America and PK led this expansion. The Mexx global business continued to grow and by 2006 it was operating in 26 countries with over 500 retail locations and revenues in excess of €1 billion. In 2001, Mexx was acquired by a leading US multi-brand apparel company as one of their core brands.

PK holds a degree from The Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, India.

Naveen Kumar

Co-founder & Director

Naveen is the co-founder of Indxx. He has been instrumental in launching a variety of products including index funds, long only funds and private equity funds. The firm has carried out various investment decisions under his leadership, in the areas of both private equity as well as public market securities. He conceptualized and set up the Customized Index division which today produces a variety of unique, investible indices that are licensed to various organizations for product launch. He also initiated the Analytics division at Indxx which is a unique value proposition and provides immense value to ETP issuers.

Naveen started his career with the investment banking division of JM Morgan Stanley. During the initial years, he worked as part of the MARD (Mergers & Acquisitions and Restructuring Division) and GCM (Global Capital Markets) groups. He played a significant role in notable transactions including the Bharti Airtel IPO, Gujarat Ambuja convertible offering, acquisition of L&T Cement by Aditya Birla Group, and acquisition of Centak Chemicals by Akzo Nobel.

Naveen's educational qualifications include a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and a Bachelor of Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi.

Rahul Sen Sharma


Rahul joined Indxx in 2011, and is responsible for building the firm's new client relationships and marketing/sales activities. Prior to joining Indxx, Rahul was the Director of Investment Research for RR Advisory Group, a full service private wealth management firm based in New York that caters to high net worth individuals, where he performed due diligence on the firm's investment managers and built customized portfolios for client's investable assets. From 2003-2006, Rahul was based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and served as Manager of Consumer Sales Training for Mexx, a global fashion company with more than €1 billion in sales and 500 retail locations throughout Europe and the Middle East. He began his career in the music industry, and worked at Atlantic Recording Corporation from 2002 - 2003.

Rahul holds a BS from Boston College and an MBA with Beta Gamma Sigma honors from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.