Manish serves as a Delivery Manager for Indxx, managing one of our largest clients and the team working for it. He comes with 12 years of work experience across Financial Services industry. He has been instrumental in executing and achieving the growth and strategic initiatives at Indxx. He has worked on industry analysis, financial modeling, valuation, business development, and product conceptualization. He is good at structuring, analysis, strategy formation, negotiations, relationship management, process improvement and cost optimization. He is driven by meaningful goals and enjoys working with people. His last assignment involved him taking over a project in stringent schedule from a hostile vendor, to onboard a team with specialist technical skills in record time and to ensure the smooth knowledge transfer and keep the lights on production while the transition was going on.

Manish is a Post Graduate in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and has a Bachelor’s in Engineering (Electronics & Communication) from the NSIT, Delhi.