Indxx has been developing and maintaining innovative indexing strategies for asset managers, ETF issuers, and banks for over 15 years. We offer a broad range of indexing solutions to meet the rigorous demands of our clients. Our indices are classified into the following categories: Benchmark Indices, ESG Indices, Income indices, Strategy Indices, Thematic Indices, Digital Asset Indices, and Other Indices.

As of February 2022, we have more than 110 products with over $22 billion in assets tracking our indices globally.



Our research-focused index development process translates into targeted and differentiated indices. Each index developed by Indxx is the result of in-depth research by our experienced team, based on which a unique methodology is designed that best targets the desired strategy.


We provide our clients with highly customized indices that best meet their needs. We are able to adapt to various requests such as special selection rules, exclusion of specific exchanges, unique adjustment of corporate actions, tactical rebalancing, and more.


We are focused on providing quality indices to our clients in a timely manner. Our 200+ member team in offices spread across the globe allows us to assist our clients with around-the-clock service.

Domain Expertise

We are a recognized global leader in a number of indexing fields, having received numerous awards over the years for our indices and products tracking them (a complete list can be viewed here). Our indices are tracked by some of the largest funds globally in a variety of themes.