Horizon Kinetics Japan Founders Index

The Horizon Kinetics Japan Founders Index provides a benchmark for investors interested in tracking the performance of Japan-listed, publicly-held companies that are managed by the founders of the company. These individuals generally have a high degree of management skill and specific industry knowledge and network to grow the long-term enterprise value of the companies. A founder of the business has a strong commitment in the company with vested interest, and has demonstrated to provide meaningful excess returns over TOPIX and MSCI Japan Index.

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Back-tested performance is hypothetical and has certain inherent limitations. Back-tested performance differs from live performance and is included for informational purposes only.

Index Characteristics

Base Date 12/29/2000
No. of Constituents 124
Dividend Yield
52 Week High/Low
* Trailing 12 months data for current year portfolio
** Trailing 12 months

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