Client Indices are targeted solutions designed to meet the needs of our clients. These are often used by banks and asset managers for independent third-party index calculation and administration of their proprietary internal indices.

We deliver cost-effective solutions based on multiple traditional as well as new-age platforms and technologies, for instance, C#, PHP, Java, Matlab, Python, and R.

Our Development Process

If a client knows the specific requirements of an index and does not need Indxx's advice or support with development, then we offer a number of tailored solutions to meet their needs. Clients typically provide Indxx with the exact index requirements, and Indxx's team then codes, builds, and backtests the index based on the client's instructions.

As per the requirements of the client, our team does the following:


Client Request

The client requests Indxx to build an index and provides detailed instructions by filling in a template shared by us.

Index Creation

We construct indices to meet specific client requirements, applying investability and liquidity criteria along with a set of pre-defined constraints.

In the case of thematic indices, our client indices team conducts extensive research on the themes and the companies prior to their inclusion.


We test our approach through historical back-tests (based on the client’s instructions) and optimize client strategy in the best way. The variations may include the below: Weighting Scheme, Selection Criteria, Rebalancing and Reconstitution.


After the index is licensed, our team sets up, calculates, and maintains the index on a periodic basis as per the methodology. We also incorporate any relevant corporate action and changes to the index.



Clients can count on us to allow them to get indices up and running quickly. Development times typically take between 2-3 weeks from starting the process to go-live.


Client Indices follow a research-focused product development process, creating a range of indices depending on the client’s needs. Our experienced team brings in their domain expertise and programming skills to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to clients.


Our ability to develop differentiated indices based on size, sector, exchanges, unique adjustments of corporate actions and alternative weighting is one of our core services. We specialize in adapting to any client-driven requests for our index offerings to best reflect the idea and meet client expectations.