Indxx Indices are Indxx’s proprietary family of indices. Starting from idea generation to research to index development to historical simulation, these indices are completely built in-house. Our product development team continuously evaluates the overall macro-economic conditions to identify potential investment opportunities and then develops unique index strategies. We build a variety of indices, including thematic, factor-based, multi-asset, leveraged and ESG, to name a few. Once developed, they are made available for licensing as fund benchmarks or ETF benchmarks.

Our Index Development Process

We focus on building innovative indices that are backed by cutting-edge research and rely on a unique framework to provide exposure to the underlying investment strategy. Below are the series of steps that the product development cycle entails:


Idea Generation

Our team conducts research studies to identify investment opportunities across all sectors. Each idea is further evaluated to determine the investment thesis that offers a promising growth outlook.

Index Creation

Once the index concept is finalized, our product development team designs a unique framework to capture the underlying strategy in the most efficient way. We run historical simulations and conduct a competitive analysis to ensure that our indices are of superior quality.


We then approach our clients with these unique individual indices, or families of indices, for them to license for passive products. Based on a client’s request (if any), these indices may undergo additional changes to meet their investment needs.


After enhancements (if any) the index is licensed to the client. Examples of our Indxx Indices include the Indxx Supply Chain Innovation Index, Indxx Blockchain Index, Indxx US Inflation Protected Stocks Index, Indxx Global Tactical Managed Risk Index, and Indxx Disruptive Technologies Index, which are built on a rule-based methodology approach.


After the index is licensed, our team sets up, calculates, and maintains the index on a periodic basis as per the methodology. We also incorporate any relevant corporate action and changes to the index.


Capturing High Growth Potential ideas

Indxx has an established reputation for developing novel ideas. We are a pioneer in identifying long-term investment trends and bringing innovative strategies to the market in a timely manner. For example, our Indxx Metaverse Index is a one-of-a-kind index that targets the emerging Metaverse sector.

Our Indxx Indices are developed to capture ideas (such as themes and strategies) that have a promising outlook. Our in-depth research allows us to identify investable themes or ideas that can be transformed into innovative index solutions that deliver excellent performances.

Continuous Management

Our indices undergo annual methodology reviews to ensure the focus of the index is always consistent with changing times. We do this with the intent of capturing the evolving nature of the thematic trend in our pursuit of fitting representation, adding/redefining themes as required.

Types of Indices offered